Citizenship Application for Mixed-marriage Child: Other Issues

Friday, 29 July 2022 08:16

When applying for your mixed-child Indonesian citizenship to the Ministry of Law and Human Right in Jakarta, your overseas marriage must prior be registered with the Civil Registry Office in Indonesia. In turn, they will issue “Marriage Reporting Certificate” (so called “Laporan Perkawinan” or “Tanda Bukti Lapporan Perkawinan”). Your overseas marriage shall be legally recognized by the Indonesian laws. Failure to do so might jeopardize your child’s application. The Ministry would send request for additional evidence, and therefore will delay the process for months.

Application for child’s citizenship can be made either at the nearest Indonesian embassy or consulate or in your home country in Indonesia. In support to your application, you must provide Indonesian spouse’s domicile evidence such as national ID Card (so called “KTP”) and family card (so called “kartu keluarga”). Based on our experience, officials would require your child to be listed on the family card as member of the family, but some just don’t require so. You may submit the application by yourself or you may authorize other third party who have enough experience handling such case.


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