Register Your Marriage in Indonesia: Why Does It Really Matters?

Friday, 07 October 2022 00:00

Marriage in Indonesia is the basic foundation for almost everything in your life. We take it very serious as failure to do do will make you end up with several consequences. It affects the whole aspects of your family such as children, inheritance, property ownership, including the relationship between you and your partner.

In order to prove the importance of the registration of a marriage, Indonesia has more than one laws during the time of early independence up until now. The recent one was issued in 2018 by the Ministry of Religion Affairs under regulation number 19 of 2018 regarding Registration of Marriage. This regulation issued for Moslem couples marriage with the Office of Religious Affairs (Kantor Urusan Agama/KUA) as the government institution responsible for conducting and keeping records of the marriage. This new regulation introduced new product as proof of the registration i.e. marriage card. Apart from the existing marriage booklets, the marriage card has details about your marriage too. The card is the short version of your marriage evidence. 

The procedures for marriage registration must be initiated by lodging a Notice of Marriage Intention. The notice must be filed within ten (10) working days before you can perform the marriage. If you wish to get marry less than ten (10) days, a special dispensation is required from the district head in the area of your residence. People usually plan the marriage ahead. So, getting marry in a short notice usually would require special attention. At Wijaya & Co., we always pay attention to the details of our clients’s works. 

The notice of marriage intention lodged to the marriage registry must be supported with the following documents:

  1. Copy of your birth certificate;
  2. Copy of your family card;
  3. Copy of your KTP;
  4. Originals of N forms;
  5. Divorce certificate, if applicable;
  6. Death certificate, if applicable;
  7. Copy of your passport, KITAS, and the Non Impediment Letter printed on the letter head of your embassy in Jakarta, applicable if you are a foreign citizen.

Upon receipt of your notice of intention to marry, they will conduct documents verification by interviewing you, your partner and your parents. The interview is to identify any potential legal constraint that may be exist in your relationship. They will deny your application in the event you have incomplete supporting documents or they identify any potential legal constraint. They will reject application and they will let you know the reason why. Please contact me for getting your application accepted smoothly.

In the event they accept your marriage notice, they will post it for public for ten (10) days until you’re up for the wedding. The notice shall also be published in other media as deemed necessary. This is in order to reach public as much as possible. It is according to the principle of positive publication with the registry of marriage in Indonesia. Furthermore, the registration of the marriage shall be conducted after you performed the marriage.

Your marriage may be performed after meeting the following requirements:

  1. Bride and groom;
  2. Marriage guardian;
  3. Two witnesses;
  4. Consent that consist of Ijab Qabul performed by the guardian and the groom. This is very interesting as the father of the bride as the guardian consent the marriage with the groom. It symbolises that after the marriage, the bride is no longer her father’s responsibility but the husband’s.

The marriage books as proof of marriage registration will be presented at the end of the marriage ceremony to both husband and wife. So they will give you two original marriage booklets with two different colora: brown and green.

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